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I am Traeh

Natural and protective hair styling is her thing, showing through her tutorials that natural hair can be very versatile, easy, and fun!

Noelle Anais

Using protective styles to help grow natural hair, Noelle has a great twist on the protective style hair game

Jazz Nicole

Beauty Enthusiast Jazz Nicole features mostly hair tutorials and styling! 

Jane Nashe

Beauty Vlogger Jane Nashe features hair styling, hair care as well as fun hair tutorials.


Glam by Merry

Hair, makeup and fashion is all of her domain, check out Glam By Merry.

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Has a Love Affair with Natural Hair, Make-up, Jewelry and Fashion


Jess the Dragoness

discussing all the latest in hair, makeup, beauty, fashion and lifestyle!

Sadora Paris

From fashion life hacks to Hair, Sadora Paris is a YouTube powerhouse!


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