Six last second DIY costumes you can do for Halloween!

Have you waited till the absolute last moment to think about Halloween? Did your schedule open up unexpectedly and now you have plans, but no costume? Here are some great ideas to use what you have in your own closet, with some awesome hair choices!

1.     Iron Man

Have you heard? Iron Man is now Riri Williams, and you can’t resist how awesome that hair is! Throw on something with volume, we used Bijoux Realistic Soft Dred, and unraveled and teased it to give it some big volume. 


2.    Michonne

Are you a Walking Dead fan? Already have Faux Locs in? We used Janet Collection Havana Faux Locs, with a headband for this awesome look. Grab some zombie friends and you’ll be set!


3.    Storm

No Halloween is complete without a Storm costume. With X-Men being so popular lately, she has so many versions to choose from, so why not the punk version where you can use your wardrobe easily? For that frosty look, we used Janet Collection Havana Mambo Pre-Looped Box Braids, unraveled them after installing, and really let the color just speak for itself.    

4.     Bumblebee

Are you a Teen Titans fan? Know of DC comics? Or are you looking for something just a bit different? Try Bumblebee on for size. A well-known comic character, you can impress your comic friends. Known for her iconic side buns, we crotched in some Bijoux Realistic Soft Dred, and styled it. So simple, yet a great everyday look too.

5.    Michael Jackson

Do we have to say anything else? The King of Pop is hands down the most iconic figure you can be this Halloween, and you can achieve it with the Janet Collection Mambo Open Loop Deep Twist Braid. This curl pattern is great for all occasions, and super easy to style for those weekend parties. 

6.    Prince

You know Prince will be a popular one this year at the parties. Why not be the best one there! We used the Supreme Short Curly Piece to get that easy prince look. 

Gina Gray