70s Chic! Spring/Summer 2016 Hair Lookbook

Summer is right around the corner and Toyokalon wants to help you get ready with looks that are so classic, they’re always in style! We’ll introduce 4 natural-looking crochet braid hairstyles that are perfect for spring or summer.

Natural Hair Blowout, Full Crochet Style

The Blowout

A voluminous natural hair blowout - a soft to the touch style with lots of body and lots of volume.

You can give this style character by misting the hair with water and setting on flexi rods or doing a braidout.

This is a full crochet installation using Harlem 125's Mochi Twist 14" in Color 2. 


Box Braid Bob, Individual Box Braids

The Box Braid Bob

The bob is back! This style is a great way to take your individual box braids from bleak to chic.

Toyokalon braiding hair is really textured to ensure your braids stay neat. But it's also soft, so there's less stress on your hair and hands when braiding.

These are individual box braids using Harlem 125's Kima Braid X-Long 84" in Color 1B



Afro, Full Crochet Style

The Afro

The afro is such a classic style, it's ALWAYS a great look!

The key to crocheting this hair and making it look as realistic as possible is keeping it around shoulder length.

This is a full crochet installation using Harlem 125's 100% Toyokalon Afro Kinky Bulk in Color 1B.


Textured Ombre Twists, Partial Crochet

Ombre Twists

These textured twists are such a pretty color - they're darker at the root and have a bronze ombre effect.

This is a partial crochet with individual twists done all around the perimeter for a super natural look. Dynomite!

This is a partial crochet installation using Harlem 125's Durban Twist 14" and Durban Twist Pre-Twisted 18" in Color RT30.