Whip Your Hair! Micro Braid vs. Crochet Twists Dance Protective Styles

Are you ready to get up and dance? With Toyokalon, you can be active in your braids without damaging your natural hair.

Thanks to its lightweight characteristic, Toyokalon fiber is gentle on your natural hair and creates minimal tension on your scalp, so you and your hair can perform better while you're moving. Keep reading for protective hair styles to try next time you're dancing, working out, or just being active!

Senegalese Twists

Installing Senegalese twists in colors like light brown or blonde and burgundy is a great way to add definition to your locks.

Even dancing with your twists down won't hurt your scalp or damage your natural hair!

You can style these twists however you like! For our recent video, we put the twists in a half up topknot and a bun.

This is a full crochet installation using Freetress by Shake N Go Long Senegal Twist in Colors 2, 27, and 350.

Senegalese Twists, Partial Crochet


Micro Braid Yaky Pony, Individual Braids

Micro Braid Yaky Pony

Here's a blast from the past! Micro braids were a huge hit in the 90s and early 2000s, but you can upgrade them with color variety! We added blonde and light brown braids for a lovely caramel hue.

Try styling your micro braids by pulling them into a half ponytail. You can put the ponytail up high or keep it low for a more refined look.

These are individual micro braids using Freetress by Shake N Go Yaky Pony in Colors 1B, 27, and 30.


See these styles in action!

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