Hair in a Minute: Bohemian Curl

Check out Brand Ambassador Ready Rochelle install the most amazing Bohemian curls

Want the look? This is how she did it!

"I first started out with freshly washed hair and conditioned hair. I then applied cantu heat protectant spray and allow it to slightly dry before using my blow dryer. I blow dried my hair in 10 sections. I also blow dried it very lightly.  I used the pull method on my hair. I held my hair as if I were pulling it and without using a comb or brush, just allowed the dryer to do its work. This allowed for my hair to stretch without me have to apply extra damage by using a comb or brush and applying too much tension. After blow drying my hair, I applied a leave in conditioner to also assist in any further damage. 

To apply the crochet braids, I decided to do the traditional crochet method. Just braiding my hair towards my nape. I added two braids to the middle and connected them to allow for a middle part. I also did this to both sides of my head, in case I wanted a 3/4 part. As I parted and braided my hair, I applied my own hair oil mixture. Towards the back I wanted to be able to put my hair up and not have the crochet bulky around the nape area. To achieve that, I decided to connect all the strains of hair I braided, into one zig zag braid. The zig zag braid allowed for the nape area to be more flat. 

To prepare the hair for installment, I divided the packs. Four of the packs I decided to cut in half, as I wanted the front of the hairstyle to be a little shorter. So two 27s and two 30s were cut in half. By doing so, It would set the ground work for me to apply the rest of the layers. I started crocheting the bottom of the braids first and worked my way up. To assure myself that I would have enough hair, I spaced out where I would place the crochets using  my index and middle finger. As I got more to the top of my head, I spaced out the crochets by just my index. As I was crocheting, I had some frizz but this also elevated the style and just made the hair more natural. 

Finally, after all the hair was crocheted, I cut the extra length in the back and began to apply layers. I also was sure to cut any extra strands I felt were sticking out. To tame some of the frizz, I used motions foam lotion. In the end, my hair remained full and voluptuous and perfect for the fall and holiday season. "

Gina Gray