Toyokalon Ambassador and queen of the 'updo' Jane Nashe is known for her flawless installation videos on Youtube. With so many changes in hair styles and numerous Toyokalon hair pieces, her edges remain impeccable.


Find out how Jane Nashe keeps her hair healthy and her edges laid!


I love using natural oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil because it promotes hair growth and grows hair thicker and stronger. I also like to use peppermint oil and rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth, so I mix these with castor oil and massage every other day.

Wild Growth Oil.jpg


I also love readily made hair growth aids like Wild Growth Hair Oil, And Virgin Hair Fertilizer. I use these mainly when my hair is braided because they help in strengthening the hair. I have thin edges which are very sensitive, so I make sure the styles I wear don't strain the edges. I hardly braid them, but if I do it, won't be tight.






When it comes to edge control, I love Creme of Nature's Edge Control and Eco Styler. This gel combo lays my edges well! I also use Got2B Glued sometimes. It has a good hold but if not used correctly can damage the edges *laughs*



In case you missed it, here is Jane Nashe’s video for her ‘Quick Pony Hawk Crochet Updo’

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