5 Travel Must-Haves

As a person who is always on the move, I always need products that will keep my hair moisturized, slayed and laid without doing too much. There are five things I always make sure I have in my carry on before leaving to fly the friendly skies.



Rat-tail comb:

No matter what kind of hairstyle I have in, it is useful. I am normally the type of person to wear mostly wigs and sew-ins or crochet braids, so it is hard reaching under those braids to get to that sweet spot. I always keep this in my purse for easy access to it. That way if I need to fix a cow lick or stop myself from knocking myself out with “itch relief” pats on my head (that never worked for me honestly), I go right into the lav and fix it with my trust rat tail comb.



Hicks Total Transformation Edge Pomade:

This edge control is like crack to me. I love it! This stuff lays my edges without that gross white crust behind. I appreciate this product, it has been loyal to me for a couple of years now, and I make sure never to leave it behind.




Lavish Curls Daily Moisturizer:

 As a flight attendant, sometimes I have to work with 4 and five-day old natural hairstyles while away from home. Every morning I feel like my curls need a bit of a moisturizer boost to style them nicely and this comes in handy.







Curls Blissful Length Hair Growth Oil:

This oil smells SO good! I not only use it as a product to potentially grow my hair (I just recently started using it) but as a moisturizer for my hair.


Satin Bonnet:

Sleeping in lovely hotel rooms is a huge benefit of my job, but the sheets can easily dry out your skin and hair even more. So I try my best to protect my hair with a satin bonnet.

-Taylor Travels

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