Top 3 things to look for when selecting crochet hair

Selecting hair can be a daunting task in the hair making process. Most of us make our choices at the beauty supply store based on our hair stylist recommendation, our favorite online influencers recommendation, or just based on how it looks on the models picture on the pack. Deciding on the what hair to use can have a positive or negative impact on the finished look of your hairstyle. Thankfully crochet has made it that much easier to visualize the finish product of your desired hairstyle before the installation process. Offering a range of styles from box braids, Senegalese twist, bohemian curls, faux locs, goddess locs... you name it. With different brands caring the same styles, it can make it almost impossible deciding on what brand to purchase. So, before you swipe that card, Toyokalon Brand Ambassador, Glam by Merry will share with you three different factors to take into consideration before purchasing any crochet hair.


Understanding the different textures of hair will give you a better understanding of what crochet hair would work best for your hair texture. This is only relevant when it comes to crochet hair with any sort of curly or straight texture/pattern. For straight hair, I always recommend picking the brands that have less of a silky texture in the hair. This also applies to curly/wavy crochet hair as well. When the hair is silky, it would require multiple loops to be made during the installing process to secure it. This knot will be more visible and in turn prevent your crochet from looking as natural as it possible. I always recommend crochet hair with a kinkier or a stronger texture that holds better. The less knots you make, the more natural your crochet style will look.

Style Selection

Picking the right style that suits your lifestyle is going to play a significant factor in how long you keep your hairstyle. It is important to consult with your hairstylist about your lifestyle so that they can recommend a style that best suits you. I have a few clients that are in the military and they will book an appointment because they will be heading off for to training. Typically, they want a crochet style with little to no maintenance. Something not too long, but long enough to put in a bun. For clients like that I would always recommend crochet box braids, locs, twist etc. Consultation is key to picking the right crochet style for you.


We all want to stand out, I get it. A lot of times we typically aim for color to be that “IT” factor that makes us stand out from the rest. Sometimes it’s a hit, and sometimes it’s a mess. Picking the right color that suits your skin tone can make all the difference. I have found that bold colors always look good on deeper skin tones. If you are more of a lighter complexation, I always recommend colors on the warmer, lighter side. Keep in mind you can never go wrong with the natural black colors. Don’t forget to have fun with it, do not be scared to try new colors and get out of your comfort zone. you’d be surprise what color you’ll fall in love with!

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Gina Gray