Tips for low porosity hair

To best care for your hair, knowing whether your hair has low, medium or high porosity can eliminate a wealth of problems. Hair with low porosity has flat and tightly packed cuticles, which can mean that your hair has difficulty both absorbing and retaining moisture, which can mean that no matter how many conditioning products and refresher sprays you use in your hair, your hair will remain thirsty.

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Water-Based Products Are Your Friend

Water-based products are more readily absorbed for low porosity hair and will help to minimize product buildup, which low porosity hair is very prone to.

Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo

Seek out clarifying shampoos to get rid of more stubborn build up and return your hair's natural shine. Co-washing is quickly becoming a favorite for naturalistas across the globe, but you will need to shampoo to avoid or clear product build up for this hair type. After using the shampoo, use a conditioner (ideally with a heat cap or hooded dryer) to increase absorption and leave yo hair beautifully soft to the touch.

No Heavy Products

Do not use any heavy oils or products in your hair. These can be a death sentence for low porosity hair and cannot be fully absorbed into the hair. This includes cloying leave-in conditioners. These may eliminate some of your favorite oils (coconut, olive, and castor oils) but your hair will thank you for the sacrifice. Instead, try hemp seed, sweet almond, and jojoba oils. Your hair will breathe easier, absorb more moisture and in turn, you should see better growth results.

Gina Gray