Sensationnel’s 20” Faux Locks

Growing up, getting my hair braided was an excruciating experience. Every girl wants to look pretty. And walking into school on a Monday morning and receiving scores of compliments about my new hairstyle was always something I looked forward to, but only the girls who looked like me truly understood the lengthy, sometimes torturous regime we had to endure to look cute. Getting braids could take up to 12 hours at times. My scalp would be sore, my neck stiff and butt numb. If only crochet braiding was around back then!

Crochet braiding is revolutionizing the way that many of us do our hair. No longer are we having to sit from sunset to sundown to get our hair loc'd or braided.

Toyokalon boasts a plethora of amazing products under its vast umbrella. And with crochet locs being the current trend, it seemed only fitting to feature Sensationnel's 20" Faux Locks made from 100% Toyokalon fiber.

Available in several vibrant colors, the pack features 12 looped "locks" for easy crochet styling. At first glance, they look very close to the real thing but what's more surprising is the way that they feel. They are light, but still, possess a realistic weightiness that anybody who has ever actually felt or worn locs (as I have been growing for 7+years)  would recognize. Sensationnel's Faux Locks are also soft, tangle free and separate easily.

My only tip would be to ensure that the ends are sealed carefully, unless you’re good with them unraveling a little.


The pack usually retails at Sam's Beauty for $14.99, but are currently on sale for only $7.99, so act fast!






Check out this awesome tutorial from Youtuber Crystal Michelle who tries out (and falls in love with) Sensationnel's Faux Locks in color 1B.

Gina Gray