Harlem 215 African Braid Durban Twists

Youtube is littered with scores of videos of young women working hard to perfect their twists-outs. Many have mastered the art, but let's face it, twist outs can be tricky to nail.

Durban Twist.jpg

Harlem 215 have come up with an ideal solution for those of us struggling to achieve impeccable twist outs (or would just rather save themselves some time) by way of their 14" African Braid Durban Twist hair, made with Toyokalon fiber.

Realistic to touch, thick and full, the hair is already in the style of a flawless twist out, so all that's left for you to do is to crochet the hair in. For an extra, bonus, the hair Durban Twists boast an "invisible root style", so other will not be easily able to detect, giving it an authentically natural look and feel and means you can leave it in a little longer!

I am not alone in my adoration of the Durban Twist hair! Check out this video of Youtuber Naturally Me Naomi's review of the hair who left it in for 7 weeks) below.

Gina Gray