Natural Crochet Cut

Cosmobiz Beauty Examiner (and Game Of Thrones fan), Delightfulace Watson has over 19k followers online, and for good reason. Her hair tutorials are the bomb!

In this video, the animated Youtuber uses Harlem125 Synthetic Hair Braids Kimakalon (made with 100% Toyoklon Fiber) to show her viewers how to nail this thoroughly natural looking crochet style!

To execute the style, she uses two packs of the Kimakalon Small 10",  two of the Medium 10" and two packs of Kimakalon's Large 10" hair. The end result is a cute, tapered, natural looking haircut, amplified by Kimakalon's unmistakeable bounce. The movement of the hair is incredibly authentic, and the style only took 90 mins to complete!



Gina Gray