Harlem 125 40" EZ Twinbraid


Back when I was a youngin', box braids were always my favorite hairstyle. My scalp was tender, and the process was always long and mundane, but the end result - dozens of neat, armpit length braids (and a few beads if I was lucky!). I don't remember everything about my trips to the hair stores, but the majority of the hair appeared to look the same, just a different color. The "human hair" wasn't really human. It was the go-to for most hairdressers because it supposedly felt most like human hair, but even back then, the hair always felt kind of stiff to me and nothing like my thick coils. But in 2017, there are hundreds of hair brands to choose from and the hair is more realistic than ever.

Cue Harlem 125's 40" EZ Twinbraid hair. Made from 100% Toyokalon Fiber, the hair is available in 13 colors and has been pre-picked and pre-cut, making the braiding process easier. With this, stylists won't have to comb out the hair or remove messy strands or knots, because the EZ Twinbraid is ready to go. The ends are smooth and perfectly even and there's even an instructional on the back of the packet which shows you how to curl the ends with hot water.

Harlem 125's 40" EZ Twinbraid hair is perfect for box braids!




Words by @ErykahYah

Gina Gray