X-Pression Bohemian Curl 14"


We've covered crochet faux locs, Durban Twist outs, EZ Twin Braids and Curlkalon cuts, now we're going to have a closer look at X-Pression's Bohemian Curl 14" hair.

The mid-length bundle is a different from many Bohemian Curl products, boasting a unique 4 in 1 crochet loop. Each crochet loop comes with four strands, speeding up the crocheting process even further. The incredibly soft hair features loose, but very well defined curls, which goes hand in hand with the Bohemian ethos. A pack of hair should come in way under $10

It's extremely natural looking and low maintenance once installed and can easily last up to a month.

Check out the fab video tutorial courtesy of Tianaa Woah, who used 6 packs of the hair for this natural looking style!




Gina Gray