Kima Kalon Red Tapered Cut Tutorial

Tapered cuts using crochet hair are without a doubt, one of our best-loved tutorial videos. The ingenious way that Beauty Bloggers can take something so seemingly simple and use their creativity to create something new and exciting floors, me every time!

Check out this video from Mary K Bella, who uses her Kima Kalon 10" and 20" hair (made from Toyokalon fiber) to create a cute, red tapered cut. Mary K Bella says in the video that she thinks the Kima Kalon hair is "the bomb," well, we feel the same about this excellent tutorial video!

Here are just a few of the viewer’s responses to the video...

“I love love love it I was looking for a completely different style when I saw your beautiful thumb nail. I got try it! I've NEVER in my 30 years has a tapered cut but Mary K you convinced me 💖”

“I just found my next do!! Love it Mary Kay!! You are rocking that color!”

“Love it. I been using kima for over a year now. It's the only hair I use for my crochet styles. 😉”

Check it out below!



Gina Gray