Hair in a Minute: Mambo Twist



"I started out with partially stretched hair. I used curls leave in conditioner as well as oil to lock in the moisture in my hair. Using a wide tooth comb, I combed out and parted my hair from ear to ear. The front of the hair would then go towards the back and the back of the hair would be twisted towards the top. I parted the front into 7 sections. The side of the hair would be parted on an angle towards the back and be connected towards the top of my head. I used curls blueberry bliss holding gel and applied it to the hair to create a beautiful light hold, which further accentuated the twist. 

I parted the back of the hair into about 5-6 twist going upward. As I went along with the twist, I connected each twist end before that. This assured that everything would end up in the middle and make it easy to create a ponytail. Now I could start crochet the Havana mambo twist. I used a pack of Havana mambo to achieve the elegant twist up-do. I crochet in a sort of a square shape, with a point (or crochet twist) on four corners. The crochet would be focused on the center top where on the twist were connected. 

To create the bun I spit the amount of twist I crocheted, into two equal parts. Meaning, If i crochet 12, I used 6 to create the top bun. I wrapped the hair around and pinned it down into a bun. As for the remaining 6 crochet twist, I wrapped the hair on a slant towards the top left of my forehead. I wrapped it to imitate a sort of “cinnabun” appearance and pinned it down. To finish this look, I used curls blueberry bliss gel and applied to my edges.

In the end, the crochet twist up-do is the perfect lightweight protective style for any occasion. You can dress it up of down and still looks amazing. This hairstyle came out so elegant and is one of my favorite looks to do."

Gina Gray