Hair in a Minute: Valentine Mambo Twist

"For this hairstyle I started out with pre stretched hair. I had braids in previously and was only 2 days old so this worked out as far as not needing to stretch my hair. For the base I braid my hair back to about 9 braids. To create the faux side hawk look I parted my hair in 3 parts and twist it back to match the havana twist. I connected the 3 twist cornrows to a braid cornrow.

I moisture my hair underneath always, to promote hair growth and because over time your hair can become dry with any protective style. Now it was on to crocheting the hair. I used all 6 packs of the havana twist. I started in the front because i felt that if I ran out it would be better to run out towards the back because that can be spaced out more to prevent the hair from becoming buckle. I used two fingers to space out the twist, my index and middle finger. I crochets along the cornrow towards my nape. 6 packs was perfect to complete this look. 

Finally I used curls holding gel to lay my edges down. This look became the perfect edgy and cute look that I think is fitting for Valentines day given the color. I didn’t know how flattering burgundy could be and now I know that Havana mambo twist in burgundy is my favorite twist to date! I love it! "

Gina Gray