Hair in a Minute: Locs

Mix it and match it

Who says locs gotta be boring? Shake it up with Janet Collection faux locs.

"To start my hair had roughly 11-12 braids going back and connected to one braid on the bottom. I started by using the Havana mambo 60 on the left side of my hair first. To make the look even more different, I figured the burgundy black ombre with do the trick. I added the burgundy ombre in no particular order, however, I did make sure to have the hair spread throughout my head so that all areas would have burgundy. I crocheted the 60 to the back, then I crocheted the right side of my head and finally the top. I do this to spread out the crochet hair enough so that I know I have enough to work with, instead of focusing on one area solely. I almost always start with the front because that is the focus and the back can easily be spread apart if I was short and still be covered. 

In the end, I managed to use only 6 1/2 packs of hair which was surprising because I didn’t really space it out by much. I really liked the length as the hair was 14 inches.  This hair is an edgy look for an edgy girl or boy. The hair was easy to install and take down and it was installed fairly quickly. The hair was full but manageable. This color was different for me and I really enjoyed trying it out. It’s definitely a color I will do again in the future. "