Hair in a Minute: Kimakalon

All about the curls

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Brand Ambassador ReadyRochelleTV with the Kimakalon install. Want the look? Check out the video below!

"For this look I wanted to create something different. Instead of crocheting the hair unto my own, I opted to make a crochet wig instead. Im so glad I did because this hair is gorgeous and I wanted to preserve it for longer than what crocheting it into my own hair would allow! For starters I used a weaving net cap. This would allow for me to latch hook the hair and knot it perfectly. Because I was working with 7 packs of hair, I decided to try and utilize all packs of the hair to create a really full look. 

I crocheted from back to front up until I got about 1/2 way and then I switched over to crochet the front. This would guarantee that I did not use too much towards the back and that I would have enough left. For the front of the wig, I crocheted the hair more closer because it would conceal the fact that this is a wig, once I decide to part in certain areas in the front. 

My method for crocheting is not to crochet too closely in general and to try and crochet in equal measures. What I do is use my index and middle finger to create a distance between each curl/braid. I did this method throughout the back. As for the front of the wig, I crocheted about an index apart. Using the weaving net cap allows for the me to have more space to work with. Once I was done, the extra net that was not needed, I simply cut off and sewed shut in the middle of the wig. The spacing was perfect because as soon as I put on the wig, the front managed to be super close and not noticeable and the back had enough of a distance so that the wig remained full and concealed!

I love a super full look when it comes to curly hair especially. To achieve this, I separated each crocheted curl into two parts. In some areas, I separated even further for a little freeze and this allowed the hair to look more natural and fuller! This hair is so bouncy and the quality is amazing! The color is beautiful as well. Once in the sun, the color shines even more vibrantly! I look forward to working with this type of hair in the future. The Kima Kalon hair is every curly girls dream and the installation was easy.