Hair in a Minute: Curlfinity Updo

5 C.png

Introducing Curlfinity, brought to you by Sensationnel, made with 100% Toyokalon Fiber!


How did she get the look?

"To start, I had pre stretched hair. I parted a center square part in the middle top of my head. This center part would be where I crochet the Curfinity pink rod curl. I decided to braid my hair up differently. Instead of the front going towards the back, I braided all the perimeters upwards. So left, right and back would be braided up. I did about 13-14 braided upwards. I used curls gel for some good hold which allowed my hair to look fresh. Once all of the hair was braided up I then worked on the center square I had previously parted. I connected all the braids into a big swirl braid. Then it was time to crochet the Curfinity. 

At first I opted to only use 1b. I had initially planned on using 3 packs of the 1b but I thought it would be cool to mix three different hair colors. I used the 1B, 27 and 30 Curfinity. I crocheted in the center square in no particular order. I didn’t want the colors to be any sort of pattern but more, 27 here, 30 there, and 1B. 

Next, I used my scissors to shape the hair. I parted all the pieces into two and some pieces into three for a bit of freeze. This allows the hair to appear more natural. In the end, this became one of my favorite updos Ive done to date! I absolutely love how different and creative this came out and the color combo is bomb!"

Check the link below!