Synthetic Hair fiber Vs Human hair: What is it?!

What is “Synthetic Hair Fiber”?

You go to the salon, or a beauty supply store, and you know there are different sections of hair, specifically in two categories: Human hair, and synthetic hair. You know that human hair is from a physical person, and is processed in different ways to make different grades, as well as its graded based on the quality of the follicles, but what is synthetic hair fiber actually made from?

Have you ever wondered what it is that you’re putting on your scalp, or is in your wig or is in a hair piece and realized while you know its “fiber” you don’t know what “fiber” means?

Generally, synthetic hair fiber is created from a plastic base. Depending on what it is blended with will determine the properties of the strands that will make up your purchased product. Three of the most popular types of plastic used are called PP, PET, and PVC. Each fiber company will blend their own special types of ingredients into these base plastics and pull them thin to create a strand of hair that is later weaved into a finished good product.

Because it is made from plastic, this is why the longevity of a product can wilt if you over heat style it, or it may melt when you apply too high of a heat tool to it. A common issue as well then, is if the plastics involved will be not just heat retardant, but flame retardant. A common question would be if when cooking, or around candles, or even when you go to seal the ends of your box braids with a lighter, can this hair catch fire? The answer is…it depends on the hair fiber company and how they make it! Every fiber in every synthetic hair product is not necessarily equal, and it’s important to think about what a premium hair fiber is, and what it is that will be on your scalp.

What is Toyokalon fiber made from?
Toyokalon is proud to make an always flame-retardant fiber, that is made from PVC.