Hair in a Minute: Ocean Mermaid Locs

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Get the look:
"To start, I braided my hair 12 braids going back. I parted my hair in the middle that way I could create connecting braids in order to have three way parting. The middle two braids connect towards the top of my head and then there are two braids on each side that connect as well. Towards my nape area I connected the braids in a zig zag so that the hair is not having a big braid on the nape and it will make putting my hair up easier. 

I crocheted the front of the hair first that way I could assure myself that I had enough. Turns out I only used 6 1/2 packs out of the 7. I crocheted the front more closely together and the back separated by an index and my index and middle finger. The hair did not feel heavy which was surprising to me but I assume it’s because the locs are not really thick. 

In the end, my hair looked so great against the teal backdrop, it gave me ocean mermaid vibes and the waves immediate ocean waves. This hair is perfect for fun events like Coachella or any festival! It really gives off spring/summer and is the perfect hair if you want to be a mermaid for a day. The install was a breeze! "