Hair in a Minute: Afro-centric Purple!

8 A.jpeg


Get the look with Rast-A-Fri's Natty Dred, made with Toyokalon fiber, and available in tons of fancy colors!

"To start, I had pre stretched hair. The Natty dread is a little coarse but soft so it made it easy in a way, for it to go through. I braided my hair in 12-13 braids. All the braids were connected through a zig zag braid at the nape. 6 of the braids were connected by 2 which would allow for three way parting.

I started crocheting the nape and then the sides to assure I had enough packs. I used 8 packs of the natty dread to complete this look and the look came out very full. However, 8 packs was not really needed, I just wanted the top parts to be really close together. The back of the hair was spaced slightly. 

In the end, this hair was super full and very natural looking in terms of texture. If this was in a black it would be even more natural look, making it the perfect hair for naturalists. This hair comes in a variety of colors so its perfect for festivals like Coachella and afro-punk