Hair in a Minute: Purple Purple Purple

9 C.jpeg

Cant get enough of the Rast-A-Fri Natty Dread? Neither can we!

Hows it installed?

"For this look I started out with pre stretched hair. I parted my hair down the center from the front to back. I then parted my hair three ways . The front would go toward the center on the top of my head and the middle and back would be twisted towards the middle. This would allow for the fauxhawk to be braided in the middle. I made a total of 22 twist, with 11 on each side. Once done, i created a jumbo braid out of the twist, in the center going down. 

I started crocheting from front to back. The width of the mohawk was about 4 to 4.5 inches. I crocheted about a finger apart. The mohawk in the end was pretty thick. I only crocheted on the twist to create space as well. This mohawk was an effortless look for naturalists who want an edgy look for Afropunk. It also created an elegant updo mohawk when I rolled the hair in three equal parts."