Hair in a Minute: Curlfinity Custom Wig

6 A.jpeg

Not happy with the curly wigs out there? Want to just have a color pattern of your own, or just be able to take the hair off at the end of the day to sleep? Make a custom crochet wig!

How she do it?

"For his look, I started out with my hair braided. I used a mesh weaving cap to make this crochet wig. By using a mesh weaving cap, it makes being able to crochet the hair easier. Its also convenient for hairstyles that I want to preserve. I used three different colors for this wig. The hair was in the pink rod smallest curl of the Curlfinity line. The colors I used were 1B, 27 and 30. 

When applying the different colors, I applied it in no particular order. The reason for this was because I wanted the hair not to be too patterned and uniformed. I crocheted as I went along. I randomly applied pieces in different areas of the cape to assure that the hair colors were not in a patterned but sort of highlighted in different areas. I wanted a different shape for the wig as well. In order to achieve this, I crocheted most of the hair unto the top of the cap. This allowed for the bottom to be more thin and for the wig to have an already tapered look that didn’t need cutting to create the shape. Once I crocheted the whole hair unto the weaving mesh cape, it was time to part the twist. I parted the twist, making sure to open each twist 2-3 times. This allowed for the hair to appear more full. It also allowed for a tiny bit of freeze, which made the hair more full and natural.

In the end, the hair was super bouncy and colorful! The tapered “cut” look was an illusion i created simply by applying the hair more closely to the top. Applying the different color strands allowed for the hair to be unique and overall, a very fun hairstyle!"


Check the video out!