Synthetic Hair and Scalp itch: Whats causing it?

“Why is my scalp so itchy with some crochet hair but not others?”

Just bought the next style you wanna try out, got it all installed, its lookin fire for the first two or three days, and then that crochet itch sets in. Patting at the braids won’t relieve the itch, but you figure its normal for crochet hair. Wrong!


This can be an allergic reaction to the hair!


It also may not be the fiber itself, but the brand! Many brands use the same synthetic hair fiber in many of their products. For example, you can find Toyokalon Premium hair fiber in everything from Janet collection, to Zury, and in many crochet hair as well as wigs and hair pieces. While the fiber may be the same for many products, the way each hair brand company treats it may be different!

Unlike other fiber brands, our fiber has the color already inside each strand when we supply it to the manufacturers to create styles with. This means that it is not having any extra color processes added to the product after it leaves our factory. Sometimes, in the case of other fiber brands, while the hair is still super long pieces of fiber and before its cut to be hand rolled into a style, it may be dyed in a secondary location or it may even be dipped in further chemicals. The residue of these chemicals may be what you have an allergic reaction to!


Toyokalon fiber is a PVC based hair fiber, with its color already in the strands, to allow for factories to have a more streamline process in cutting the fiber to length and creating styles with.


Have you noticed that you get the itch on some products but not others? Maybe try switching up the brand, style, or even color and seeing if it helps!