Wigs for Wonderful Women

#WeCare about our Community


Off the wings of the success of working with the Bennett Career Institute in D.C with community outreach, Toyokalon is once again in the D.C. area to come together with locals and give even more.

The last contest saw local braider, Kamilah Stewart a winner of the prize of Platform Artist for Toyokalon, and now the primary braider for this Mother’s Day event. Inspired by the loss of her own mother to breast cancer, and provided with premium Toyokalon fiber, she created custom wigs for 50 survivors of it. Moved by the emotion of the event, she named this collection of wigs after her mother, in her honor.

These strong women were invited to a day of pampering provided by volunteers of The Edge Hair Studio, and the students of Bennett Career Institute including facials, nail and hair care. After a full day of primping, the women were invited to eat while enjoying a hair runway of looks and styles created with the same Toyokalon Fiber by Platform Artist Kamilah.


Gina Gray